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November 17, 2006

researching personal care jobs

Nadine is 19, living at home with her parents and she's been out of work for six months after losing a job as a shop assistant. The Internet is helping her find a new career and personal care appeals.

"Being between jobs," says Nadine, "is a perfect time to dream, discover what you really love doing and gain the skills to do it professionally."

"The Internet is great for researching job opportunities," says Nadine, "and despite my current unemployed status I have stacks of hope and enthusiasm for the future."

"What I've learned from the Internet - like everyone else has - is that hundreds of thousands of Baby Boomers are approaching retirement and the future looks very bright for younger workers."

"What excites me from my Internet research," says Nadine, "is that economists predict a boom in a multitude of services geared towards catering for the aging Baby Boomers - healthcare and household services particularly - that is going to rival the boom in childcare services that followed a massive increase in working women as a result of the Women's Liberation movement of the 1960s."

"I've never thought about becoming a nurse or a personal carer or a housekeeper," says Nadine, "but if these jobs are predicted to expand in the future then healthcare or personal services would be the ideal way for me to go because I'm not exactly a brain and I have no qualifications in anything."

"I'm not cut out for office work or running my own business," laughs Nadine, "and after spending hours and hours on the Net researching the job market I am getting eye strain already."

"I need a hands on type job - but it has to be a job with a future."

"I've worked in shops and food outlets and I hate that type of work."

"I like being with people and helping people," says Nadine, "but I don't know whether I have the brains to do nursing - I have friends doing nursing and they sit hundreds of exams. I couldn't do that."

"It looks like personal services such as becoming a housekeeper or personal carer might be the ideal type of job for me."

"I suppose I could get a job in a big hotel chain as a maid and work my way up," muses Nadine, "or I could find a job in a nursing home for the elderly - doing anything - and become a nursing aide or something."

"With the Internet I can research hotel chains and nursing homes and pick up the information I need."

"It's a lot better than telephoning these places because nobody has time to speak to you."

Nadine is happy enough staying home and helping her mother around the house, but she is working very hard towards discovering what she wants to do with the rest of her life and she knows from her Internet research that there will come a time when employers will be beating down her door to employ her, and there will come a time when even unqualified people like her will be in high demand.

"I'm optimistic about the future," smiles Nadine, "it has to be better than what it is now."

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