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December 26, 2007

stewing on the job

At work, Peggy often feels that her manager wants to get rid of her and the fear is so overpowering that she remains in survival mode even though her job is relatively secure.

“I tell myself that he probably has thought of getting rid of me lots of times – it’s not a crime to think about getting rid of someone and a lot of people fantasize about getting rid of a partner or a boss, but they rarely do anything about it,” concedes Peggy, “but despite admitting that even I sometimes have negative thoughts about people in subordinate positions to me - and don’t recommend their termination – I can’t help feeling insecure about my job.”

“I really should have more faith in myself and my value to my employer,” explains Peggy, “and when something blows over or blows up very quickly, there is probably not much harm in stewing about my job – but when the period between the ‘I’m going to lose my job’ incident and the final outcome is long drawn out I can suffer really badly stewing over it.”

“I recently had to survive a blow over or blow up situation at work that lasted six weeks,” says Peggy. “I knew exactly when I could expect a result for a situation that may or may not result in my firing, and to cover myself I gained the support of someone very high up in the food chain.”

“I knew that if my manager fired me I could pull some strings and get my manager fired instead,” says Peggy, “but I just did not want this situation to occur.”

"I’m a peace loving person," explains Peggy. "I hate incidents and I hoped and prayed that my manager was smart enough to know that if he went ahead and fired me after the sales report was put together in six weeks' time, it would be he who lost his job, not me – but even with the possibility of being able to turn the tables on him, I still felt insecure in my job.”

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