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August 09, 2010

ethical employer becomes greedy pig

Jaime finally found a job with an ethical employer with a good public image and product – one where the prime motivator, according to its core values, was not profit – but since the global financial crisis its income has dropped and rather than its directors taking a pay cut it betrayed its staff and customers by adopting the unethical practices typical of greedy pig employers.

“I won’t tell you what industry I was working in, I don’t want to receive a defamation writ,” says Jaime, “but suffice to say that it very clearly identified itself as being clean, green and very ethical in its dealings with the public and staff and did not put profit first.”

“There was a bit of grumbling going on about the fantastic salaries and benefits that the directors were receiving in comparison with our basic wages,” says Jaime, “but because the company was doing very well and we had jobs we could be proud of, and opportunities for advancement, we didn’t mind too much.”

“All of that changed earlier this year when staff members were made redundant and interns were brought in to work for free to replace them,” says Jaime. “Then the price of the product increased with a cunning decrease in content and the last straw came when our managers starting talking about a possibility of pay-cuts in the lower ranks.”

“These evil and unethical measures were supposedly being made to offset losses,” says Jaime, “but when I got hold of the company’s annual report and saw that the losses could very easily be wiped by a tiny percentage cut in the income of the bloated board of directors – or getting rid of one of them – I was furious.”

“Talk about Rome burning while Nero fiddles,” says Jaime. “These guys would rather the company goes south and loses its good public image rather than lose their astronomical and largely undeserved salaries and bonuses.”

“Who on earth needs 800K to exist on?” asks Jaime. “I’m earning 35K and that’s plenty enough for a good life. What greedy pigs they are.”

“I’m angry because I love my job, I love the product and I want the company to survive,” says Jaime. “I’d be willing to work for free if I had to just the save the company, but only if the present board of directors were sacked and the new board also worked for free.”

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