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June 04, 2012

dreaming up a theme park job!

Marlene is 25, married with no kids, and she's been between jobs for nine months, most of which time she's spent dreaming up great ideas for future jobs, such as a 1960s theme park!

"I got so fed up with job searching that I asked my husband, Trent, to support me until I find out what I want to do and he’s quite happy with that," explains Marlene. "His job is very stressful, so he enjoys having me there on call to cook him dinner and support him emotionally when he comes home."

Marlene's online research has convinced her that the world can shortly expect to see a great change in the structure and scope of the global workforce and the economy generally - and she is looking seriously at the entertainment and music industries as a likely new career direction.

"Everyone is saying that the gradual departure from the workforce of the Baby Boom generation will not only hasten the creation of new jobs that are ideal for a career change, but it will also release a great deal of pressure in the job-market".

"I'm looking for a job with a future," says Marlene, "and I believe the way to go is to find something that caters to the needs of an ageing population."

She predicts that there will be hundreds of thousands of jobs becoming vacant when the Baby Boomers retire and when that happens workplaces will once again become friendly places offering job security and lucrative career paths.

"I believe opportunities for career change and self-employment are going to increase dramatically, too," says Marline. "Isn’t that good news?"

"Already, the early Baby Boomers are 60 and many have achieved the financial security necessary for early retirement," says Marlene, "but with a far longer life-span ahead of them than their parents were able to enjoy, the decision to take early retirement is not always taken."

"Inflation can reduce nest eggs to pittances over the years, lower interest rates generate less income on nest eggs, and there’s no real guarantee that the bank or investment company won’t go belly-up, taking retirement nest eggs with it."

"Also," adds Marlene, "those with the financial security to retire early are also those with good jobs conferring power and kudos. Not many people would want to give up a job like that for the oblivion of early retirement. But the vast bulk of Baby Boomers, I feel, are going to take the first opportunity they can to hang-loose."

"So, it may not be until 2011 - when the early Baby Boomers reach 65 - that the full impact of their leaving the workplace will be felt," says Marlene, "but anyone tracking workplace trends on the Internet can see that ageism is becoming so rife that those who have not retired voluntarily by the time they reach 55 are being pushed out by all manner of sneaky measures."

"This is bad news for women over 55 like my mother who need to keep on working to support themselves, but good news for younger women like me who want a career path."

"The Baby Boomer departure from the workforce is happening now and will continue relentlessly in the coming years."

"It’s not just my prediction," laughs Marlene, "everyone is predicting it. It’s a fact!"

"Bearing in mind that the early baby-boom generation was largely noted for its propensity for sex, drugs and rock 'n roll," says Marlene, "I predict that the entertainment and leisure industries are likely to boom when these guys knock off work for the last time."

"Already," laughs Marlene, "the old rockers are coming out of the closets to make hay. These guys know that their ageing fans have money and want to spend it reliving their youth."

"I'm more into music and entertainment than anything else," says Marlene, "and if I could find a backer I’d start a 1960s theme park for the Baby Boomers. I’d make a fortune!"

"I hope nobody else starts a 1960s theme park before I get my act together," says Marlene. "I've had a lot of ideas over nine months, but this one is the best idea I've had yet!"

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