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June 02, 2012

united action

Leona sees first hand in her job with a global corporation how racism is incited to replace the old class struggle, and she tries hard to educate fellow workers of all races to understand who the real enemy is and how to survive in their jobs by united action.

“Now that wages have been driven down by a surplus of immigrant workers, both parents necessarily have to work to make ends meet these days – which is why I needed to return to work earlier than I wanted to,” says Leona, “and this not only has a bad effect on families but particularly drives down the wages of women, too.”

“Already we’ve been encouraged to blame the credit crunch, the housing slump and lack of jobs on fat, lazy low-class homeowners (huh? that’s me) who default on their mortgages because they spent all their money on booze and plasmas (no, I didn’t),” laughs Leona, “but the real villains are the unscrupulous mortgage brokers and greedy bankers.”

“And now, instead of promoting harmony, my global corporate employer is encouraging us by subtle means to vilify a certain racial group that is supposedly taking our jobs.”

“While we – the ruled and workers of all colors, religions, financial status and cultures – are busy fighting and blaming each other for whatever ails us the ruling class is raking in the money and quietly passing more and more laws designed to expand its power and rob us of what remains of our wealth, freedom and job security.”

“We’re all in this together guys, and the problem isn’t racism it’s the old class struggle.”


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