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June 02, 2012

Pick their brains!

Emma is a new graduate recruit, a true starlet, who has already commandeered the job of her former mentor by picking her brain, and now she is well on her way up the corporate ladder.

“My job survival tactic is to learn everything, know more than everyone else, and then move up slowly and surely,” says Emma. “I do not see myself as a shooting star, but I guess everyone around here sees me as one.”

Asked how she feels about taking over the job of her former mentor, Emma claims that she did not ask for the job, it was given to her.

"Management wanted someone young and fresh in the position," explains Emma, "and it may have been tough on my mentor to be given the boot after teaching me everything she knew, but that’s life.”

“I expect I’ll be mentoring some new recruits next year and I look forward to the task."

Asked whether she has the life experience to be a good mentor for the new recruits coming in next year, and whether she would have felt comfortable being mentored by someone not much older than herself, Emma was short and sharp in her reply.

"I know everything I need to know about my job and that’s all that counts," snaps Emma. "Life experience has nothing to do with it and it really would not have bothered me in the least had my mentor been younger or the same age as myself."

“I’m here to do a job and I do it well. Any problems with that?

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