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September 08, 2011

Act your age

Gloria believes that some companies are looking for mature workers to specifically balance their workforce, and that being the case older women who act and dress ‘young’ are doing themselves a disservice.

“Most workplaces today have an over-abundance of young things and smart companies want some old things to tip the scales a bit,” says Gloria. “And by ‘old’ I mean women who act their age and dress conservatively.”

"Younger workers also appreciate senior workers more if they look and act their age," explains Gloria. "And smart employers understand this."

"If you hold a senior position, or if you are looking for one," advises Gloria, "then it is worth bearing in mind that being proud of your age and your mature 'look' is an admirable quality upon which your earning capacity may depend."

"We should really forget about the wrinkles and sagging skin,” says Gloria. “Instead, we should look and act our age with pride because it took us 40 plus years to achieve that face and the maturity that goes with it."

"Get a plaque that commemorates your age and place it prominently in your workplace,” says Gloria. “Let the young things see that 40 plus is fantastic and you have no desire to look, dress and act like they do. You're all grown up now. Stop trying to be like them and start being yourself."

"In other words play up your age to the hilt," says Gloria. "Shout out from the rooftops that you are 40-plus and proud of it and employers will take notice!”

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