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August 29, 2011

Men prefer women team-leaders?

Lily is a team-leader who is absolutely convinced that men prefer having women in charge and work better with a female leader – and the same thing goes for female teams with a guy in charge.

“Before my promotion I was part of a mixed sex team with a man in charge and while I liked having a male leader, the guys didn’t,” says Lily. “I’ve also worked with a female boss and that was a disaster, too.”

“I know it’s not politically correct to segregate the sexes,” says Lily, “but one-sex teams under an opposite sex leader really do seem to work well.”

"Imagine the scenario if a man were in charge here. It just would not work,” says Lily. “My experience shows me that men like having a female supervisor or boss.”

“It’s the natural order,” laughs Lily. “Men do things for a female in charge that they just will not do for a man.”

“And not just any female,” adds Lily. “A woman needs special qualities to appeal to men, and I have those qualities in heaps."

"Most of the guys on my team are married and the poor dears don't get much attention from their wives at home,” explains Lily. “I consider myself to be performing a necessary duty when I flirt with them and listen to them.”

"I am their confidant. They tell me everything. They come to me for advice and I dole it out. I have a box of Kleenex on my desk that dries at least one pair of teary eyes every week. And I get to give lots of hugs."

“What man doesn't like to be made a fuss of?"

"If management stepped in tomorrow and moved a bunch of girls into the team, or moved me to another section in the company, I would quit," says Lily. “And the guys wouldn’t like it either and would probably quit, too.”

"I don't believe management would do such a silly thing, though, because I get results out of my guys,” says Lily. “They get on well together and meet targets simply because I am in charge."

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