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August 24, 2010

deal with workplace change

For older people who have grown up accustomed to jobs being secure and comfortable, capable of sustaining them throughout their working lives, the notion of constant change is very unsettling; but young people like Serena believe the key to survival in a job, or life itself, is to embrace change or, at the very least, to deal with it.

"It’s hard for my parents’ generation," admits Serena, "and yet it’s really just as hard on young people who want a job to last them long enough to buy the things they want to buy."

"I grew up watching my parents and their friends being hired and fired," confides Serena, "and etched into my memory banks is the simple fact that when a manager or boss wants to get rid of you then he or she has carte blanche to do so and it matters not one iota if your work and behavior are excellent."

"I often wondered why any boss would want to get rid of good workers," sighs Serena. "and dad, or mom, would tell me that some people just get tired of looking at you and want new blood."

"And then I wondered what reasons a boss gives to get rid of you when he or she has no legitimate excuse to do so," says Serena, "and dad, or mom, would tell me that mostly they’d say, even if it's not true, that there is insufficient work to justify your position."

"I saw how hurtful it was for my parents and their friends to get sacked from a job on some flimsy excuse and then to stand by while the employer hired new blood for work that wasn’t supposed to exist," explains Serena, "and I vowed that I’d never let that happen to me."

“The trick is to be the master of change – to precipitate it – rather than to passively take it.”

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