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August 17, 2010

temp agencies take away hassles

Kate got caught in so many scams doing casual work directly for small employers that she is now going to use the services of a temporary placement agency.

"I know that a temporary placement agency job may not offer any entitlements," says Kate, "but it does guarantee me a set period of employment for which I will get paid by the Agency - not the employer - and the Agency will protect me in the job they place me in."

"Employers who try to get you to work for them without a written agreement," explains Kate, "are merely trying to circumvent using a temporary placement agency for their short-term employment needs."

"If they call a temporary placement agency they must not only pay hefty fees for a placement and daily rates for the period they’re using temporary workers, but they must also adhere strictly to the rules of employing temps."

"By circumventing employment agencies," says Kate, "these employers are cheap exploiters, and I've been burned too many times to trust small employers to give me a real job."

"How they suck you in is very clever," says Kate. "They place an enticing advertisement in the newspaper or on a free-for-all employers' website. Sometimes they state that the position is short-term, but more likely they offer a carrot in the form of ‘could become a long-term position’."

"That's how I got my last job," says Kate. "I applied for such an advertised position and I was granted an immediate interview. At the interview the employer found something not quite right about my qualifications and experience and suggested a trial period of a month because he thought I had great potential."

"It sounded so promising that I fell for it," laughs Kate, "and four weeks of back-breaking work later I was dismissed."

“If they just wanted someone for four weeks, then they should have used an employment agency and treated me fairly,” says Kate. “Dismissing me after I had worked so hard, expecting a permanent job, is a nasty way to do business.”

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