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August 13, 2010

hotheaded managers

Peggy's manager is a hothead and when things don’t go his way he becomes desperate and sometimes acts very stupidly – and she is a worrier, stewing over every detail – so, when a sales report was due and a big loss was expected, her life was hell.

“Because he’s such a hothead, the odds were high that he would make a stupid move,” says Peggy, “and even though he was smart enough to figure out that firing me would have repercussions for him, I still worried about my job.”

“When you're dealing with a hotheaded and unpredictable person like my manager, it’s not easy to distract yourself and stop worrying,” says Peggy. “Deep down I knew that I would not lose my job, but I was constantly worried about a blow up that would embarrass me and cause my manager to get fired.”

"Stewing was the only way I got through those six weeks," sighs Peggy, "and even though I did my very best to avoid my manager in order not to escalate the situation, he caused my fear level to rise by being in my face the whole time. It was awful, and it was a nasty thing for him to do knowing that my husband is disabled and depends upon me.”

“Finally, the sales report was put together and the loss was not as bad as expected,” explains Peggy. “My manager calmed down. Nobody lost a job, and six weeks of stewing on my part, and six weeks of raging on his part, did not change the situation at all.”

"I suppose I’m emotionally immature and in this respect my manager and I are very similar. He explodes his feelings, I implode mine."

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