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October 01, 2010

supersensitive job survival

Most of us need to remind ourselves to keep our eyes and ears on the ball, looking and listening for signs at work that may threaten our jobs, but people like Marjory pick up thoughts and feelings in others without even trying to do so. She’s supersensitive at tuning in.

"I wouldn’t have gone as far as I have today if I hadn’t been able to tune in to everything and everyone," admits Marjory, "but because I plan on working until I'm 70, even longer if I can, I've got to adapt my gift in order to help me survive in my job."

“Everyone at some time has thought nasty things about a co-worker, without intending to act on such thoughts,” explains Marjory, “so just imagine the chaos that I take home with me every night after absorbing everyone’s karma.”

“I would never dream of changing my job to one where I work alone and wouldn’t have the constant distraction of picking up on how everyone around me is feeling,” says Marjory. “I hate being alone. Besides which, any sort of career change at my age may not be possible. I’m definitely in survival mode at my job.”

“Nature may have endowed me with superior survival skills in the form of super sensitivity,” explains Marjory, “but it’s not much good to me in my present job with my unfortunate circumstances at home taking care of an ailing husband.”

"It's very stressful at times spending all of one's psychic energy absorbing the emotional states of everyone around me – it takes a toll on my mental health,” explains Marjory. “I need to find a way to filter out the personal stuff that people carry around with them and refine my intuition to pick up only the cues that are necessary for my job survival.”

"I'm not working to win friends and influence people,” laughs Marjory. “Believe it or not but I'm working to keep myself sane!"

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