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December 18, 2010

health and safety madness

Sapphire, 19, is an arts student who works casually in the hospitality industry and believes that draconian health and safety measures are killing off the industry, and jobs, more than the imagined health hazards ever did.

"Every industry has health hazards, some more than others, and some such as hairdressing salons, art workshops and airlines don’t even acknowledge exposure to potentially hazardous substances,” says Sapphire, “and if you're worried about these things causing cancer, heart disease and respiratory illnesses then you go look for another type of job – you don't ban the job or victimize the people who want the product just because you can't handle it."

"Life is about living and having fun and not hurting others," says Sapphire, "and I’m fed up with all the health and safety measures, particularly against smokers, that are killing off the hospitality industry.”

“Japanese tourists are just about non-existent these days because of the ban on smoking,” says Sapphire, “and the whole hospitality industry seems to cater for geriatrics these days, for whom the health and safety measures are intended to protect – but at what cost to the rest of us?”

"We don't wake up every morning and take steroids to increase the size of our muscles like the health nuts do, or take vitamins to increase our vitality and extend our lives like the geriatrics do," says Sapphire. "We don't particularly want to live forever, especially if the extra years that being drug free is supposed to give us means extra years in an old folks home with boring old farts."

"No thanks, we live for today and look out for the proverbial bus that's more likely than drugs to end our lives prematurely," says Sapphire. "Given that we represent everything the health and safety nuts hate and envy – and given a choice between joining us or them, the next generation is going to choose us – so all of their missionary zeal is really only making headway with morons and geriatrics."

“Health and safety measures cannot protect us from every conceivable danger at work,” claims Sapphire. “We are much more robust than they want us to believe we are, so leave our jobs alone!”

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