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August 11, 2011

Psychometric tests and medicals?

Daellea was aware that winning a job in a government department was going to be difficult, but she did not expect that a private consulting company would be doing the selection process – and that psychometric tests and medicals were required on top of the normal assessments and interviews.

“After the assessment afternoon, candidates were required to come in for another afternoon to do a psychometric test and after that they had to attend to medicals. The whole process would take another three months!”

“The full details of the psychometric test and the medical were not divulged to us at the information session or in the job information package,” says Daellea, “and I feel that both were a gross invasion of privacy.”

“The psychometric test bearing our name, date of birth, and probably additional personal information provided by the agency was not going to be an in-house test evaluated by agency staff as assumed from the information package.”

“Our test papers were to be sent to a private psychology organization in another state, and the consent form we were required to sign for this test did not provide the name of the organization, its address, telephone number, staff credentials or a privacy statement.”

“To make matters worse, it was further divulged that we would receive no feedback on the 3-4 hour psychometric test and had no entitlement to read the report written about us.”

“Also, concerning the medical checks,” says Daellea, “instead of the onus being on a government medical officer to assess our health and fitness, our own private doctors were to be made responsible for fully divulging our medical histories.”

“We were given a very long and invasive form to give to our private doctors to fill out. It included questions that were not particularly relevant to the job and because it involved our medical histories, for some of us it would have taken at least an hour of our doctors’ time - at our expense, of course.”

“Can you blame me for believing that government departments that farm out their job selection to private agencies are shirking their responsibilities?”

“Either that,” laughs Daellea, “or they want to make sure that the people they end up employing are complete and utter idiots who give away their personal details to total strangers, not caring what happens to that information.”

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