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August 11, 2011

Unfair distribution of work

Unfair distribution of work is a particular problem of teamwork and if the team leader or manager is not addressing the situation when his or her attention is drawn to it, as Anna took pains to do in her job, then there is an additional problem.

"I have a job specification, I was given good training and I am supposed to be doing the same work as everyone else for the same pay," says Anna, "so there is no excuse for an unfair distribution of work that dumps everything on me."

"I appreciate that this problem is fairly common and is not entirely related to my home circumstances," concedes Anna, "but I did hear some of the other women whispering about how awful it must be to have a disabled child -- and this hurt me terribly and I think they are dumping on me because of it."

"It's an awful situation to be in," says Anna. "I can either refuse to do the extra or menial work and suffer the consequences, or I can find a new job and not be so eager, enthusiastic, willing and open next time around."

"I definitely won't be divulging my personal circumstances to the people at work in my next job because they will inevitably treat me differently -- if not badly -- when they know my situation."

“I am convinced that letting everyone know that I had a disabled daughter acted against me,” says Anna, “and my manager seems sympathetic but has failed to address my concerns.”

“I can appreciate that sometimes this sort of thing happens because the manager just doesn't have a clue about who is doing what,” says Anna, “and this may be a fault of my manager’s, but I am beginning to believe that she is playing favorites.”

“I think it is a deliberate ploy among the existing staff members to get the new person to do everything they do not want to do, and my manager just turns a blind eye.”

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