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September 06, 2011

A glut of older women workers?

The crux of our employment dilemma, according to Beryl, lies in the post-war baby boom phenomenon. There is simply a glut of older women workers in the employment market right now, and where there's a glut of anything the product gets devalued.

"These days, all women, single or married, demand the right to retire at the same age as men – 65+ – but there are simply not enough jobs available for everyone,” says Beryl, “and I feel totally devalued because I am one of far too many older women looking for work or desperately clinging on to the jobs we have.”

"Pushing older women like me out of work, denying us a livelihood, is likely to cause a mammoth social problem - and it's happening already," says Beryl. “Those of us without working partners to financially support us are in real trouble.”

“More and more older women are facing crises in accommodation and health,” sighs Beryl, “and I predict a lot more bag ladies are going to be visible in future.”

"I feel very threatened at work by all the younger women,” says Beryl. “I need to save for the future and if I lose my job I will probably never get another one."

"There are only two other women of my age where I work," says Beryl, "and we stick together like glue because that's where our strength lies. The younger women are less likely to attack us when we provide a united front."

"If it sounds like a war," laughs Beryl, "then that's not too far off the mark."

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