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May 27, 2009

job hunt desperation points

After six months of desperately looking for work, Jackie – a former project manager - applied for a position as a clerk -- a Customer Service Representative -- earning basic wages, and was successful. The only reason she applied for the job was due to the sheer desperation of her circumstances.

"Desperation is never a good reason to apply for a job, let alone accept it," sighs Jackie, "but I had no choice in the matter whatsoever. It was either take what I could get, or lose everything I had worked so hard to attain."

“I reached my desperation point after six months of job hunting when I applied for a lowly clerical position,” says Jackie. “I am still in that job, and grateful for it, because it’s pretty obvious that during economic downturns people like me – single moms over 40 with a mortgage – are more likely to reach a job hunt desperation point much earlier than the young, childless, married or wealthy.”

“Under these circumstances education, skills and experience are virtually worthless,” says Jackie. “When you have children to feed, school fees and a mortgage to pay, and the power company is about to cut off your electricity you soon realize, as I did, that waiting to be offered a job commensurate with your education, skills and experience is not a smart thing to do.”

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