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February 03, 2010

a joyless, toxic job

When Brenda realized that her health and that of her husband and children was being seriously compromised by her inability to successfully juggle a job, a home and motherhood she decided that her job was to blame - it was joyless and toxic.

"When what we do for a living ceases to be a joy, an act of creativity and productivity, enriching our lives beyond the walls of where we work - even if we work at home," says Brenda, "those walls fast take on the appearance and feeling of a prison."

"Honestly, my workplace was so much like a prison that I called my boss Colonel Klink!"

"We were all putting on weight because we ate so much fast food," explains Brenda. "I just didn't have time to cook when I got home from work. It was so much easier to stop by a fast food outlet and bring the food home -- no cooking, no washing up!"
"Some women can make a snap decision to escape their workplace prisons - getting out of the rat race while they have the mental and physical health to get their lives back on track," says Brenda, "but I didn’t have that option.

"By the time I realized that my joyless, toxic job was killing us, my husband, Cory, was out of work and I was the sole breadwinner," explains Brenda. "I saved my sanity by planning for the day I could escape, and during that time Cory and I had lots of fun (not) examining our budget."

"My plan for a slim, happy and healthy life for myself and my family involved simplifying my way out of my prison walls by cutting back all family expenses until they matched the contents of a basic male wage packet," explains Brenda. "And then we just played the waiting game until Cory gained a secure job - and then I resigning my job!"

"I wasn't so much harassed or overworked at my job," says Brenda, "it was just totally joyless and sucked the life out of me."

"I know lots of women get burnt out from constant juggling a job with parenting," says Brenda, "but those who do it successfully have a fun job to do - mine wasn't, and that's why I couldn't cope with it all."

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