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May 27, 2009

overqualified & underemployed

Jackie was formerly a highly paid project manager when job loss and desperate circumstances forced her to take on a lowly customer service position. She continued looking for the type of job she was qualified for, but after a year she gave up hope.

"I initially planned on continuing to look for the type of job I wanted while employed in my present job," explains Jackie, "but after a year I gave up hope. Had I been ten years younger I would have persevered, but when you're a woman pushing 50 you're a fool if you think you can compete with a twenty-something fresh from university."

What she hates most about the job is the attitude of her co-workers. She never told them what type of work she did before, but somehow they found out and they actually sneer at her.

"I have no opportunities for advancement in the menial job I’m doing now," explains Jackie. "I can work my butt off, and I do, but nobody in management is going to recommend me for promotion. They are probably terrified that if they promote me I will outshine them and put their jobs at risk."

"What's worse," says Jackie, "the managers and other staff at the company who are similar to me in age, education and experience actually avoid me because of my lowly position. They are probably terrified that something like this could happen to them, too -- and they're right about that!"

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