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June 04, 2012

haunted by whistle blowing

Abigail is 44 and got fired from a previous job for whistle blowing. While she's not desperate for another job and is happy to relax between jobs, she is beginning to feel that this incident may haunt her for the rest of her working life.

"My complaint was valid," says Abigail. "The company's management was so corrupt that it deserved to have the whistle blown on it, but my action backfired."

Abigail was dismissed on some technicality and so was her complaint.

"I took the complaint as high up as I could," says Abby, "but the whole thing was hushed up and I was victimized mercilessly. It was like fighting City Hall. The justice system is for the big guys with plenty of money, not poor little women like me."

Abigail put the mess behind her and tried to get on with her life but found that the incident became a skeleton in her employment history that has hindered her prospects ever since.

"I can get casual work without any trouble - which I don't want," says Abigail, "but employers do not like hiring righteous people for top jobs. You see, they fear that you might blow the whistle on them, too."

Asked whether she regrets blowing the whistle on her former employer, Abigail replies that it has definitely made looking for a new job harder but it did make her a heroine in her community.

"I have been a guest speaker at several community organizations," says Abigail, "and with my husband’s support I may very well stop looking for paid work and become a community worker instead."

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