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August 27, 2012

education fails workers

While many may claim that it is not the job of educators to prepare students for the workforce, Piper believes that her first job experience would not have been so traumatic had her college given her some preparation for the real world of work.

"My first job experience since graduating has left me feeling that education fails miserably in preparing graduates for the real world of work," says Piper. "I've survived a year in this job, but I'm appalled at the stark change in social relationships between college and work."

"The change in people around me has been so shocking that I'm having flashbacks of bad childhood experiences that I haven't thought about for years."

"In comparison with school and college environments the workplace is really an arena of slaughter,” says Piper, “and I think teachers should prepare us for this sort of thing.”

"All of my friends have suffered some sort of culture shock when they started work," says Piper, "and I never realized how cloistered and sheltered campuses are until I entered the real world - the workplace."

"What's the use of a university education if nobody respects you?"

"It's odd that our species was given the gift of speech only to use it so negatively," muses Piper. "And yet if life itself is nothing more than survival – dog eat dog – then I can appreciate that some people need to use whatever is at their disposal to eat the next dog before it eats him."

“Trouble is,” sighs Piper, “I don’t think I can ever become that sort of person.”

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