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June 05, 2012

managerial slippery slopes

Jackie, 49, is a single mother of three children who was formerly earning good money as a Project Manager when the company she was working for axed her along with several other ‘elderly’ highly paid managers.

“Being a manager is no guarantee of job security and safety from ageism,”says Jackie, “and neither is it a guarantee that you're privy to what's really going on at top management level.”

“I sensed that the company was in trouble, but I expected a pay cut, not an axing,” says Jackie, “and I soon discovered that losing a managerial job in economic downturns is one big slippery slope right down to the bottom of the employment heap.”

"I have a horrible premonition that we are heading for a crash that is going to be as bad as the Great Depression of the 1930s following the stock-market crash of 1929," says Jackie. "All China has to do is pull the plug, the dollar loses value, and we'll be rubbing shoulders with CEOs and all sorts of high flying people at the soup kitchens."

"I won't be gloating at other people's misfortune when that day comes," says Jackie. "After all, I'll be destitute, too, but a part of me will be satisfied that at least I'm years ahead of them when it comes to experience in scrimping and making do."

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