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August 27, 2012

toxic corporate tactics

The last thing Leona expected when she returned to work with a global corporation was to face a recession and some nasty divide and rule tactics by her employer that caused her to assume the role of a teacher in relation to educating co-workers as to what was really going on, who the real enemy is and how to survive in their jobs by acting as a united front.

“The most important fact I learned from reading history is that the ruling classes use any means – particularly economic status, race and religion – to distract the ruled from realizing their common interests,” explains Leona. “They incite each group to fight each other while they do their nefarious deals and sit back and watch the show from the safety and comfort of their high social places.”

“Right now, we're facing a recession and instead of cracking down hard on their corporate mates the government is bailing them out, quietly allowing these already obscenely rich people to avoid paying taxes, fiddle their expenses and mess up the economy more than it is already.”

“At work, instead of cutting profits my global employer is laying off staff and instead of promoting harmony,” says Leona, “and it’s encouraging us to vilify a certain racial group and blame immigrants for unemployment, overcrowding and lack of affordable housing.”

“The real villains are the government and its corporate mates who profit from cheap migrant labor,” says Leona, “and they should be ashamed of themselves for blaming immigrant workers.”

“We have far more in common with these demonized people than we do with the real villains who are ripping us off, lying to us and stirring up trouble in the classes below them in order to deflect attention from themselves and prevent united action against them.”

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