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November 11, 2012

denied training

While lack of training at a new job is something all ages experience, Elise believes it is more prevalent with older workers – and is especially a problem experienced by freelancers in contract jobs when it amounts to being denied training deliberately.

"When you are given no training or information when you commence a job," explains Elise, “you start out a happy and highly competent worker, and end up feeling miserable and incompetent – and while anyone can be gutted by this experience, it is especially galling for older workers.”

"I believe the Managing Editor at my recent freelance editing job deliberately and unethically set me up," adds Elise. "She came across as someone who needs to build herself up by putting others down. You know the type?"

“I stuck out that job for the entire six months but vowed that I would never again accept a job without first asking whether relevant training and information would be given to me at the commencement of my employment.”

"I shouldn't have to ask such a dumb question in my line of work" says Elise, "but assuming things about big companies is a mistake. You never know what lies ahead."

"Basically," says Elise, "if an employer is not willing to make your commencement pleasant, and assist you in every conceivable way to fulfill the duties required of you by providing training, all the tools and information required of your job and manuals for quick reference then it is failing in its duty towards you."

"Most companies have excellent induction courses and training routines," says Elise, "and I guess I was just unlucky this time around."

“Contract work in itself can be very stressful," says Elise, "and while it pays well I would much prefer to have a permanent job, even if it paid less, because the older I get the more I realize that my age is going against me.”

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