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November 09, 2012

disgusted by older workers!

Disgust by the young for the old is nothing new – we have all encountered it in our workplaces if not at home and it’s particularly hurtful when we don’t even consider ourselves to be old – and it’s refreshing, in a warped sort of way, for someone like Steffi to actually admit how all sorts of imperfections in others, including old age, disgust her and what she’s doing to ‘perfect’ herself even more by learning the art of tolerance.

“I am disgusted by the whole ageing process, especially in women,” says Steffi. “Most men somehow manage to remain reasonably youthful until their 50s, but some women are grotesquely old by the age of 30 and there’s nothing worse than an old woman trying to look young.”

“At work I really don’t want these old women hanging around me,” says Steffi. “I have no intention of growing old before my time, and if I do then I would certainly have the good grace to keep out of sight so no young person would be disgusted by me.”

“That’s what they do with really old people – put them out of sight,” adds Steffi, “and if old people must work then they should be put in a back room far away from the rest of us.”

“I am learning to be tolerant of my disgust of old people – and believe me it was not the first thing in my list of everything that disgusts me about people,” says Steffi. “In telling you this I am being very honest and I am trying to come to terms with my feelings.”

“I remind myself daily that other people are just unlucky or have a right to be who they are and to do as they wish, lawful or otherwise,” says Steffi. “I guess as long as the people who disgust me are not physically hurting me or anyone else I should just let them be.”

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