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August 29, 2012

purring her way to the top!

Emma is not only a new graduate recruit but also a newly married woman and, being a Leo, she admits to having the makings of a purr-fect corporate fat cat!

“My aim has always been to gain a position of power within a large organization where I will be able to command the attention and salary I believe I deserve,” says Emma, “and until I gain real authority at work I rely on my husband, Dave, to give me the deference I need.”

"I put in more hours than anyone else here, so I don’t just swan around like a queen," laughs Emma. “I love my work, I truly do, and I fully expect my hard work to pay off – it already has because I was offered a promotion soon after starting, taking the role of my mentor.”

“I’m aiming for a position of real power and you don’t get that by sitting on your laurels,” says Emma. “I have no intention of chopping and changing jobs like other young graduates do. I’m loyal, I’m here for keeps and, yes, I do have the makings of a purr-fect corporate fat cat!"

As far as law and order is concerned, Emma is a stickler for correct behavior. She believes very strongly in hierarchy and has tremendous respect for her superiors. For anyone not in a position of power over her - irrespective of his or her education or experience - Emma has scant respect.

"When it comes to ambition, I look up," explains Emma, "I never look down."

Despite her youth, Emma is an incredibly conservative woman. She is not at all concerned by the things that other young women are concerned about. She expects to pay off her student loan within a year, and she has no worries whatsoever about debt, direction or job security.

"My future is pretty well mapped out," says Emma. "My career is very important to me and I have no doubt that I will succeed."

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