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August 30, 2012

don't be a sitting duck

Serena is 24, a new recruit, lives with her parents and earns more than they do. Educational qualifications plus an aggressive pro-active ‘I’m no sitting duck’ attitude are her keys to success.

“My philosophy is very much like the old adage: "If you're not going somewhere then you're stagnating - and becoming a sitting duck,” says Serena, “and I moved so fast in my career that anyone who wanted to take aim at me had to be a crack shot. A sitting duck I was not, and never will be.”

“To avoid being a complacent sitting duck I started my first job keeping an eagle eye on what was happening around me,” says Serena. “I strived to move up in the company as fast as possible, and at the same time kept a lookout for a better offer from another company.”

“I refused to get too comfortable in any of my roles – and I refused to stay in any position for more than a year – because that would be like signing my own death warrant, career-wise!"

"I live at home and apart from buying clothes I save all of my money – because I want to be rich," says Serena. "I’m not concerned about job security like everyone else is because this is the 21st century and smart career women are in tune with the times if not way ahead of their time."

"I have no desire for a business of my own," says Serena, "because I’d be nothing more than a sitting duck, vulnerable to the whims of my clients. Being a fast-moving career woman suits me just fine.”

“In five years I want to be CEO of a smallish company, and within ten years I want to be the CEO of a big company."

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