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August 30, 2012

forced into career suicide

After six months of desperately looking for work after a previous employer had downsized and axed her, Jackie – formerly a highly paid project manager – was running out of money. Faced with the prospect of losing her home and taking her kids out of private schools she was forced to make a career transition of the worst kind.

“Applying for and accepting a position as a clerk – a Customer Service Representative – was an act of sheer desperation,” says Jackie, “and although I thought it was only going to be a temporary measure I had no way of knowing at that time that I had actually committed career suicide.”

“Nobody is going to employ me at my former level now that I have accepted a menial job.”

“But what else could I have done?” says Jackie. “I was running out of money and faced with the prospect of losing my home and taking my kids out of private schools, I was forced into taking any old job that would accept me.”

“I went down not one rung in the career ladder, but right to the bottom rung because that was the only type of job that didn't seem to care about my age," explains Jackie, "and I had to swallow an awful lot of pride in order to reach the point at which I’d accept such a job."

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