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December 25, 2012

workplace nicotine nazis

Carmel maintains that if you smoke you can expect to be the target of nicotine Nazi discrimination at any workplace, anywhere in the world, and it is particularly rife in teamwork environments where everyone is supposed to operate like an homogenous blob.

"They may not wear brown shirts and strut around the office saluting each other," laughs Carmel, "but their common enemy is smokers and their mission is to make smokers so miserable at work that they quit. Not quit smoking, but quit their jobs."

"Nobody, not even a non-smoker, is allowed out of most workplaces during office hours these days," explains Carmel, "and smoking is banned in all workplaces, so what’s their problem if I have smoke before work or during my lunch-time far away from work premises?"

"The nicotine Nazis can't complain that smokers are doing less work than they are - or giving them lung cancer - so why can’t they just leave us alone?”

"I'm a happy smoker," explains Carmel, "and the nicotine Nazis are sad little Hitlers."

"Nicotine addiction, as far as I know, is not a factor in domestic violence, automobile accidents, break and entry, street bashings, prostitution and similar crimes associated with other addictions, especially alcohol."

"On the contrary," explains Carmel, "smoking relieves stress and also acts as a mental stimulant. Cigarettes were standard issue for soldiers during WWII along with K rations."

"As I see it, a workplace is a place to work, not a forum for co-workers to vent their personal bile, and nobody should have to put up with any sort of harassment at work. If cigarettes are legal, then it's legal for people to smoke them!"

"If non-smokers want to do good," says Carmel, "then they should pick on the big guys in governments and corporations who make money from the addictive habit of smokers, and leave smokers alone."

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