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November 11, 2012

finding love at work

Valerie is presently setting up home with Mr Right – a guy she met a work and still works with - and she’s very glad to have found such a treasure right under her nose after spending five years on the singles scene. She says that finding love at work is the best way to stay happy in your job!

"After my early dating misfortunes," explains Valerie, "I started taking lots of time to get to know a guy - listening to how he interacts with his male friends - before I got involved with him; and I never expected that I’d find love at work, right under my nose where I least expected to find it.”

"I’m so glad I found a nice guy," says Valerie, "and they are out there. Single girls just have to be very, very careful about their reputation - and sanity - because there are a whole load of jerks out there ready to screw you up.”

“I once heard a guy boasting to his friends that he’d posted some poor girl’s name and telephone number in a public forum, telling guys to call her for a good time,” says Valerie. "That sort of thing happens more often than you think and I shudder to think of where my name may have ended up."

“Like most girls, I went after the handsome guys – the bad boys,” laughs Valerie, “and while not every handsome guy is going to be trouble, most of them are because they’ve got tickets on themselves.”

“My guy at work was just ordinary looking, but was always there to cheer me up make me laugh after I’d come into work with some dating disaster to tell everyone about,” says Valerie, “and when he told me that he was available when I’d finished playing games, I finally woke up to myself.”

"Getting up and going to work suddenly became a pleasure!"

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