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November 11, 2012

mom's army

Unlike the classic British television show, the army Geraldine is concerned about is not comprised of doddering old male fogies, misfits and incompetents but it does have some glaring similarities. It has been pushed out of the mainstream in the workplace. It's beyond the pale. It's a joke. It's Mom's Army!

“The 21st century Mom's Army I’m talking about comprises those born in the years before, during and after WWII - covering the ages 45 to 64 - with the vast bulk being the Baby Boomers born after WWII.”

"These women," says Geraldine, "form a formidable army of experienced, talented and productive workers that nobody wants to employ because they are women and they are considered to be too old."

"Too old for what?" laughs Geraldine. "Too old for men to ogle at, that’s what!"

"In periods of low unemployment this age group has trouble enough surmounting the age barriers," says Geraldine, "but in periods of high unemployment these women don't stand a chance."

“These women are too young for a statutory pension; too old to compete successfully for a dwindling pool of jobs; and, in most cases, they just don’t have sufficient funds to be able to self-finance an early retirement or a business of their own.”

"I was out of work for seven months before I found my present job," says Geraldine, "and I’m clinging on to it by the skin of my teeth. If I lose this job, it’s back to Mom’s Army and another stint of job hunting.”

“I’m a fit and healthy 54-year old woman and what’s happening to women of my age is a disgrace."

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