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November 11, 2012

mentoring leads to replacement

Lorraine is 46 and thought that her future as a manager was secure until she was assigned a new graduate recruit to mentor and shortly afterwards was replaced by her.

"This particular young graduate, Emma, was nice enough to me," explains Lorraine, "but it was clear from the start that Emma had killer instinct ambitions and when the company restructured she took over the type of work I did - with a new job "The most rewarding part of being a senior worker has always been being able to mentor new recruits, show them around and teach them everything they need to know in order to be able to enjoy their work and settle down quickly and easily into the workplace," says Lorraine, "but now that mentoring is being used to replace older workers it is something I won't be doing again in a new job -- if indeed I can find another job."

"Mentoring is usually done voluntarily, or as part of supervisory duties," says Lorraine, "but more and more women of my age and older are reporting that the practice is being used to get rid of them."

"In other words, management springs a new recruit into your area and requests that you show them the ropes. When the bright young thing has sucked your brains, you are no longer of value to the company and will be given the push."

"No wonder so many companies are going belly-up these days," says Lorraine. "They are run by young people who think that running a business is like playing a game of monopoly."

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