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November 11, 2012

flirting at work

What flirty Lily enjoys most about her job as a team-leader is coming to work every day and being waited on hand and foot by a team of hunky - well, some of them are - smart, adoring and willing guys who like her being on top at work.

"To be truthful, they do not actually wait on me hand and foot,” laughs Lily. “It just sounded good to say that. I guess I do tend to crow a bit in this job!"

"I'm an accounts team-leader and I have eleven men in my team. Not one woman,” laughs Lily. “Just me and eleven men - good, eh?"

"There was once a young woman in the team but I soon got rid of her," says Lily. "She was far too good looking and far too ambitious and I cannot stand competition."

"That is the way I am, and that is the way the guys like me to be. Tough, masterful, dominating."

"The work is boring, the pay is a pittance, the boss is a fool but when I am with the guys it makes it all worthwhile," says Lily.

"Willing? Well, yes, they all want me," laughs Lily. "I must admit that I have dated some of my guys. They are no longer with the team, though. It caused far too much jealousy. After the last bad experience, I made a point not to get involved with any of them."

"Actually, I derive far more fun out of flirting with them," says Lily. “And that’s what the guys enjoy, too.”

“Flirting is fun, but the emotional roller-coaster of a workplace romance is anything but.”

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